The reports of Thunderbird's death have been greatly exaggerated.

Release Tools

Uplift Bug Queries

When an uplift is requested, it should show up in either the Requested or Approved lists.

If you have requested an uplift and you do not see it in the Requested or Approved lists, contact one of the release drivers via Matrix or NeedInfo in Bugzilla to make sure it gets considered for inclusion.

Thunderbird Monthly Release

Thunderbird Beta

  • Uplifts Requested
    • Bugs under consideration for an upcoming beta.
  • Uplifts Approved
    • Bugs approved for the next beta.
  • Beta 1 Fixed
    • Lists a reduced set of bugs that were fixed during the last development milestone, but not uplifted. It's used as a starting point for writing the release notes for a beta 1 release.
  • Next Beta 1 Fixed
    • Same list as above, but for the next beta 1. This one works prior to merging on merge day to facilitate writing release notes before the merges happen.
  • Affected
    • Bugs affecting Beta that are fixed in Nightly.
  • Missed Uplifts
    • Bugs approved for Beta uplift that were missed

Thunderbird 128esr

Thunderbird 115.x